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50/50 Tint with Titanium
Below are the first colours we have made to date, please click on a colour for information.
Any artist wishing to purchase Lordan oil paint  can e-mail us at  All tubes are  $14.95 each.

Pigments are given a series number by manufacturers based on the cost of the pigment. Series one pigments are the least expensive  and series 6 are the most expensive. Series one pigments can start at as little as $20.00 per Kilo and series 6 can start from $1000.00 a Kilo!
A well known brand of artists grade oil paint retails for over $24.00 for series one colours and $34.40 for series 2 colours and that's for a 37mill tube. Our Quinacridine Magenta and Dioxazine Purple for instance are the exact same series 2 pigments used by this company, yet we are offering it at series 1 price and that's for a 40 mill tube. This represents real savings for the artist.  At present we don't have a price difference based on the series and we will try to keep it this way for as many pigments as we can.

Each pigment has it's own milling and oil requirements depending on it's characteristics.
How these pigments are ground can affect how the pigment looks and feels. Our goal is to find the perfect combination for each pigment without over grinding or under grinding the pigment.

At this stage we are still learning! Every pigment is different and we may not get the perfect combination of grind and oil first time. Some pigments will self disperse in storage thus absorbing more oil and thickening in the tube and some will shed oil. Although we strive to make each colour perfectly, this may take some time, so please bear with us.
You can be assured you are getting top quality pigments in every tube without any added fillers or extenders.
As an artist my preferred medium is oil paint. I like how it works, it's texture, and its vibrancy. However good quality oil paints are very expensive and because of this I have tended to use acrylic paints when it comes to doing large works that require lots of paint, in particular abstract pieces.

The high cost of good quality oil paint was impacting my artistic expression. When you consider the cost of a small 37 ml tube of artist grade oil paint and that the whole tube can be used up in just a few big, bold strokes with a painting knife, it's no wonder artists look to  more affordable alternatives.

Many years ago I was employed by the "New Zealand Paint and Varnish Company" where I attained the position of leading hand colourist. My years at this company gave me a good understanding of pigment dispersion and paint manufacture. Although this company is long gone the skills I gained there were invaluable and live on.

In recent times I started making my own oil paints by hand using a glass muller and  plate,  this certainly reduced the cost dramatically but it is very time consuming! During this time I realised many other artists were frustrated at the cost of good quality oil paint so I decided that I would make a range of high quality, affordable, oil paints right here in New Zealand for Kiwi artists.

We are a small family run company, basically a one man band with help from my wife and kids from time to time! We are not a big corporate, we don't have salespeople, offices or office staff, we keep our costs as low as possible and we hope to be able to pass on these savings to the artist in the form of a top quality professional grade product at an affordable, if not student grade price.

It has taken a few years to get the right machinery in place and source tubes and  materials since making that decision. Nothing we needed was inexpensive or made in New Zealand! We started making oil paint in April of this year.

During 2021 we will be rolling out new colours until we have a good selection. The order that we roll out colours may seem odd to some but we will be using pigments that we have already sourced and are in stock while sourcing others.

A big difference between student grade oil paint and artist grade oil paint is that many fillers are added to student grade colours. These fillers, when used at the correct ratio don't change the colour of the pigment significantly but allow the manufacturer to bulk up an expensive pigment with cheaper pigments, reducing the cost.

Lordan oil paints will have no fillers added! just pigment and oil. We do however intend to manufacture the traditional fillers and offer them in a tube on their own so that students and those on a tight budget can extend Lordan oil paints  further and save even more.

We will be offering Lordan oil paints in a 40 mil tube. We would also consider adding a 125, 250 or 500 mill can to the range if we hear that artists would find this helpful. We would also encourage artists to give us feedback on any colours they may use once operational. Artist feedback will enable us to make the best possible product available right here in New Zealand.
Phthalo Green
Indian Yellow
Phthalo Blue
Titanium White
Dioxazine Purple
Naphthol Red
Quinacridone Magenta
Mars Extra Dark Brown
Mars Dark Brown
Mars Brown
Mars Red
Mars Orange
Naphthol Crimson
Deep Red
Mars Black
Carbon BLack
Indian Red
Yellow Ochre