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Once the Tattoo is completed the artist will clean the tattoo, recommend and apply a healing cream and apply a covering to the Tattoo. The covering is only to absorb the slight amount of blood and serum that will weep from the fresh tattoo for ten to fifteen minutes after completion. The covering should be removed once the bleeding has stopped and the Tattoo should be gently washed in mildly soapy water, patted dry with clean tissue and a fresh coating of healing cream should be applied, but not as heavily as the first applied by the artist, just apply it as though it were a moistureiser.
The cream should be applied at least 3 times a day. The cream will not only help protect the Tattoo from infection while healing, it will also keep the small scab that forms on the Tattoo soft, so that as you bend the scab will also bend rather then crack and bleed. If the scab comes off too early in the healing process, colour will be lost, and this is not the fault of the Tattoo artist! You should not swim or soak your Tattoo in the bath or shower while healing. Protect it from sun, wind and harsh conditions that may harm it while healing. If you really want to protect your artwork then once completely healed apply sun-block when going out in the sun.